Why choose me for your web development needs?

As a business owner myself, I understand the stress involved in hiring someone to work for you. This decision can be even more daunting when it involves your online image and marketing. Your website is a public representation of you and your brand, and you want to make sure you’re presenting your best side to the world. So why am I a good choice for such an important decision?

I have a diverse skill set

The advantage of my wide range of skills is that I can handle many different kinds of projects, but the added benefit is that it saves you money. All my work is done by me, in-house. This means the design, production, development, launch, and maintenance of your site are all completed by yours-truly. Since I’m not hiring anyone else to help with the work, this significantly cuts down on my overhead, meaning I can charge fair prices.

I'm a WordPress Guru

WordPress is the internet’s most popular Content Management System, and is what I recommend for most of my client’s sites. I know all the ins and outs, and how to get a great looking site up and running fast. Since WordPress is so user friendly, clients often don’t need my help making updates or posting content once I’ve completed their site. You can read more about why WordPress is such a great CMS here.

I am reliable

I make it a point of pride that I always respond quickly to client inquiries and requests. I was born and raised in Chicago, meaning I'm a native English speaker. My normal work hours are Monday thru Friday, 9-5 CST. Prior to becoming a web developer, I spent 8 years in the US Army, which means I understand the importance of clear communication, time management, staying organized, and remaining task oriented. 

My Services

WordPress Guru

I’ve used WordPress for most of the work I’ve done for clients as well as for my own projects. Whether we’re building a site from concept to launch or you just need some simple custom edits, I can walk you through the process.

  • Complete site builds
  • Site modifications and editing
  • New theme design and creation
  • SEO and database backup
  • E-Commerce
  • Site security

My Tools

I use many tools to build websites and conduct other web development and graphic design:

  • Bootstrap
  • Atom text editor
  • Inkscape and GIMP for graphic design
  • XAMPP local server
  • Several popular and easy to customize themes

Graphic Design

In addition to writing code, I enhance my work with my own images and graphics. I create most of my content using Inkscape and GIMP.

  • Logos, icons, avatars, and other vector images
  • Simple GIFs and animation

Project Management

Before becoming a programmer, I spent eight years in the military serving in various team leader positions. I understand how to manage people and get the job done.

  • Time and task management
  • Effective communication and project updates
  • Incorporate project applications, like Trello, Slack, and Timely.
  • Organization and schedulin